Reclaim the Olympic Flame - blogtorch08 Manifesto

The Olympic Flame, and its relay across the world, is one of the most well recognized symbols of the Modern Olympic Games. The Nazis created it, along with the famous torch relay, to promote Aryan supremacy over all races in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, mimicking ancient rituals that the Greeks used to celebrate festivals. Since then, it had transformed and became the symbol of brotherhood across races and countries, with a united goal of celebrating humanity through sports.

However, as the Olympics grow, with glamour, sponsorship, politics and profit involved, the torch relay had changed, along with the Olympic Flame. Nowadays, the once-in-four years relay had become an exclusive event of the rich, powerful and famous, where they garner more publicity for their own benefit. Real athletes, who are the most deserved torch bearers, only bear a small role in the relay. The Flame and the relay had been corrupted, their meanings lost amid the politics, as well as power and publicity grabbing.

It is time to reclaim the spirit of the Flame, and the torch relay. We hereby call upon people everywhere to write about the meaning of the Olympic Flame to them, and do a virtual relay across the world. We might not be athletic, nor are we famous and powerful. Yet, through re-examination of the Olympic Flame, we can see it through a new light, and return it to its roots: celebration of humanity through sports.

Rules: there are only three rules.
- Write about the Olympic Flame on your blog. It would be nice to mention where you are (country/city, even address). We had created a Google Maps map that link to all entries, and will add your location with link to your post.
- Submit your entry to social bookmarking websites like,,, etc., using tag blogtorch08.
- Invite others to join.

That's it, there are no limits to what you can or should write, as long as it is about the Olympic Flame. Join us, and reclaim the spirit of the Olympic Flame.

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