剛喺阿爾柏仙奴嘅傳記《Al Pacino》睇到一個有關tango同improvisation嘅段落。Totally love the guy.

問: Dancing the tango obviously couldn’t be improvised – how long did it take to learn that?
答: To have learned to tango would have taken me years, but we just limited it to the steps in the scene and learned that. … the freedom comes once you’ve learned the steps,then you’re free to enjoy the music. That’s the whole idea of technique. If you got the music in you and you sit down at the piano but you don’t got the fingers to play it,what good is it?Feeling all the music? You need a craft. you need craft for inspiration. … You’re trying to get yourself in a state where you’re no longer thinking about what you’re doing, but you’ve prepared yourself. And that’s what improvisation really is.