Writing (originally posted on 26/1/2005 0:34:00)

I had been talking about writing some commentaries on things that I read and watch, such as movies, animation, books , etc. So far, there is little to show… I had done a commentary on a PC game last February, and that was almost one year ago. Some projects started and stalled. Some never got started….

I need motivation. Yet, self-motivation seems to be the weakest part of my personality, besides quick temper. Since those articles are neither paid for (I write for webzines that pay me nothing), and there is no time constraint on delivering them, the steam to drive the writing simply is not there. I know I am passionate about telling people what I thought, but without actually putting words on paper (or, in this case, in a word processor), it will never happen.

Frustrating, I know. I guess those who happen to come across this page might have the same feeling. Let’s see if I can get my act together this year.

p.s. one more difficulty: I write better in English than Chinese now…. will I become so degraded to put my articles in English and run it through a translation program in order to get the right Chinese version? 🙁

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  1. Me too. The movie is not really my cup of tea, but the two games are wonderful, excellent stories.

  2. i love to play Max Payne all day long, it has lots of action in it.*~.

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