Some thoughts (originally posted on 26/1/2005 0:24:00)

Talked with one of my old collegues from my first job. I was mentioning that there were quite a bit of people that are not in logistics field studying the masters program that I was in. I then elaborated that there might be a lot of competition down the road, if those people decided to step into the logistics field. Facing such challenge, I proposed, we should equip ourselves with the best qualifications possible.

He replied, “That should not be a concern, as the field is currently in need of entry to middle grade people to do the job, instead of manager grade people that had experience. You see, in this field, the experienced never really leave, they stay in companies for relative long periods. Only the junior people hop from company to company in relative short period of time. Having too high a qualification will only hinders you, as management usually look for people with experience more than qualification.”

Come to think of it… it seems like a valid point, especially when he works in air freight and I work in sea freight, and we saw pretty much the same kind of environment. Yet, that gets me thinking: if I got myself a doctorate, will I be over-qualified yet under-experienced? Should I go for the doctorate right after my masters or should I wait?

This is very confusing. I think I need to consider further options.

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