Just when did we become a mob???

From Yahoo news – 胡應湘:遊行是暴民政治

Hence my title. Just when did a demonstration become a crime? Join a protest, and you become part of the mob? WTF is this guy talking about, is he nuts? (well, he had been a suspected loonie for quite a while, this might be the proof that he’s completely out-of-his-mind.)

So he said:

This is absolutely 顧明均 mentality. Just because the law has mechnism on how to conduct reforms, and we cannot voice out our concern, or else it will be intervention on “rule by law”? This kind of thinking is illogical, to say the least, and is only supressing freedom of speech. We had rights, and we do not have to cooperate with the government.

And he said:

This is because the CCP does not want to implement universal suffrage at all, and is not a proof that protestation is not going to work in the struggle for democracy.

With only one week from December 4th, this kind of nonsense will continue to crop up everywhere. Wise citizens of Hong Kong, beware!

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