Podsafe音樂特區#107 – 爵士之夜


00:03 4 and 20 Blackbirds – Song of Sixpence
05:45 B.D. Lenz – Straight Up
11:24 Tangria Jazz Group – Teach Yourself to Live Elsewhere
17:07 Luba Mason – From Me to You
20:33 Guardian Mind Mix – Uptown Neon Lights Jazz
24:10 Slau – How Do I Make You Mine

歌曲由Podsafe Music Network提供

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  1. 來支持下….
    Just love it… 🙂

    Just a comment, the twitter.com popup ask for login really annoying

  2. Thanks! Finally fixed the problem by killing the widget and put a link for following instead.

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