Podsafe音樂特區#97 – 共享創意與其他

Cielos y campos de la pampa Argentina / Skies ...
Image by Claudio.Ar – Hermes via Flickr

今集談及香港共享創意launch party的篇幅比較多,歌少了點,希望大家見諒。

00:03 Daydream on Autopilot – There’s A Fire Inside
07:16 Colin Mutchler – My Life
10:21 Colin Mutchler and Cora Beth – My Life Changed
16:38 Mike Errico – Free
20:20 Rika Shinohara – Bura Bura

部份歌曲由Podsafe Music Network提供。My Life和My Life Changed由Colin Mutchler、Cora Beth,及Opsound,以Creative Commons Attribution/Share-alike條款提供。There’s A Fire Inside由Daydream on AutopilotAriel Publicity CyberPR提供。

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