Podsafe音樂特區#161 – 創舉


The Carnies – Myth of Beauty (Website)
Digitube – Beauty (Website)
Sara Haze – My Own Hands to Hold (Website)
Beth Thornley – Still Can’t Hide (Website)
Maria Daines – A Minority Pastime (Website)
Lisa Bell – Carry On (Website)

歌曲由Music Alley提供
Jingle由Apple GarageBand提供
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One thought on “Podsafe音樂特區#161 – 創舉”

  1. Hello, Recently Ariel Publicity sent you a VPK pack with my music and info. I would love be on a Pod cast or get reviewed or even PLAYED. If you can, please lend me your ears.
    Transcendent Acoustic Pop http://www.toddkoal.com/site/music
    Currently I am promoting Track 3- “Spirit is Flow”
    Be Well & Thanks
    Todd Koal

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