I am not a Mac, and I am not a PC.

I am not a Mac, and I am not a PC. I am just me. I do not become the computer I use, I use the computer.

I use a Mac, a PC or two, and an iPhone. They are my tools for productivity and information, my toys, and my connection to the world. They do not shape how I am, do not define who I am.

Stop bickering about what computer you should use to be cool. Computers are just tools, like our hands and feet, eyes and ears, nose and mouth, an extension of our existence. We will be cool, if we want to, no matter what tools we use. Make the tools we want to use, and we will use them. And, make them simple to use, stupid.

I am not a Mac, and I am not a PC. I am just me. Get a grip, people.

p.s. Apparently, this is a response to the new Microsoft “I am a PC” ad on people loving the PC, and the Apple “Get a Mac” ads making fun on PC users. While I like both set of ads initially, I loath them both now. Who is to say whether anyone is a dork, or anyone is a hypocrite, just because she use a different OS? I hate this kind of thinking.




我的第一反應是:「好彩我公司冇人知我嘅Facebook、MSN、甚至twitter a/c。」公、私,都係分開啲好。

Restart, and a podcast in the making

It’s been a really long month since I posted anything. The complete lack of motivation on my end was and still is appalling. Yet, like most situations, if you fall off the proverbial bandwagon, then the only thing you can do, other than lying on the mud and suffocate, is to pick yourself up and try to climb on board again.

So, this is my attempt to climb back on the wagon.

What have I been doing lately? A lot of lying around doing nothing, and a lot of thinking about how to get a podcast up. Yes, a podcast. It has been a lifelong dream for me to be a DJ, though it remains a dream as I never really thought and act enough to realize it. Now, the one and only chance for me to live my dream is here.

So, what kind of podcast is it going to be? Initially I was thinking about a kind of commentary on things, media reviews (for books, movies, music and TV shows alike), and thoughts of my own. Yet, I realize that this might be a little unfocused, and is overly ambitious. Besides, I am not even sure if my setup, as well as my voice will be pleasant to the ear, let alone my opinions. These ideas will have to wait, until I got the hang of podcasting.

After much thoughts, I will probably produce a podsafe music show instead. No licence music, all podsafe. This is, of course, not related to the current debate on some people blaming podcasters being complacent when discussing with C.A.S.H on use of licence music. My decision on using podsafe music was based long ago, when I got the idea from Adam Curry’s podcast that RIAA of USA would duke it out with podcasters on unauthorized licence music. Whether it is right for such limitation is one thing, but I would rather to play safe, even if I decide to work on right the wrong on this issue. But I digress.

My selection of music will be primarily from the Podsafe Music Network, which I had registered. I would like to join Garageband.com also, but I sort of wondered about their policy on podcast use of their music. Maybe their Gcast service will be least restrictive on such usage…

Well, in any case, stay tuned!

Writing (originally posted on 26/1/2005 0:34:00)

I had been talking about writing some commentaries on things that I read and watch, such as movies, animation, books , etc. So far, there is little to show… I had done a commentary on a PC game last February, and that was almost one year ago. Some projects started and stalled. Some never got started….

I need motivation. Yet, self-motivation seems to be the weakest part of my personality, besides quick temper. Since those articles are neither paid for (I write for webzines that pay me nothing), and there is no time constraint on delivering them, the steam to drive the writing simply is not there. I know I am passionate about telling people what I thought, but without actually putting words on paper (or, in this case, in a word processor), it will never happen.

Frustrating, I know. I guess those who happen to come across this page might have the same feeling. Let’s see if I can get my act together this year.

p.s. one more difficulty: I write better in English than Chinese now…. will I become so degraded to put my articles in English and run it through a translation program in order to get the right Chinese version? 🙁