Love Changes Everything

午飯時讀到下面的一篇文章:Why Love Is Our Most Powerful, Lasting Form of Activism – Courtney E. Martin, AlterNet.

閱後心情久久未能平復,可能因為想起音樂劇Aspects of Love的主題曲Love Changes Everything吧。


Who you love and how you love them is as much a statement about your social conscience — perhaps even a far more accurate and moving statement — as the letters you write to Congress or the votes you cast. It is harder to be good to someone else. It has the potential to make them be good to others. And others are the fulcrum of social change.與其期望影響世界,可能把力量集中在關愛身邊的人,從而引導根本的改變,可能更為有效。再者,選擇對一個人以自己的方式付出感情,本來便是對身為社會一份子的你和他/她的改變的開始。能為愛而改變,該當是珍貴的。在商業掛帥、公義不彰的現在,愛既是心靈的歸宿,也是改變世界的力量。


Love Changes Everything
Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics by Don Black

Love changes everything:
Hands and faces,
Earth and sky,
Love changes everything:
How you live and
How you die

Can make the summer fly,
Or a night
Seem like a lifetime.

Yes, Love,
Love changes everything:
Now I tremble
At your name.
Nothing in the
World will ever
Be the same.

Love changes everything:
Days are longer,
Words mean more.
Love changes everything:
Pain is deeper
Than before.

Will turn your world around,
And that world
Will last for ever.

Yes, Love,
Love changes everything,
Brings you glory,
Brings you shame.
Nothing in the
World will ever
Be the same.

Into the world we go,
Planning futures,
Shaping years.
Bursts in, and suddenly
All our wisdom

Makes fools of everyone:
All the rules
We make are broken.

Yes, Love,
Love changes everyone.
Live or perish
In its flame.
Love will never,
Never let you
Be the same.




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Thank you for Thanksgiving Day

It is still Thanksgiving day in the US. While we do not celebrate the holiday (I am no American, after all), I still find the idea of thanksgiving a good one.

During the past two years, there had been so many people that pass through my life. Some stayed, while others moved on, most of them gave a profound impact on my future. So, here’s a big thank you to all of them:

– My parents and siblings, who supported me immensely sharing my burden, in order to have time to deal with my studies.
– My fellow classmates, for supporting each other during our Masters program; with their support, we managed to graduate together two weeks ago.
– Medical staff at Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, whom had tended to my mother after she suffered a minor stroke, and at Tung Wah Eastern Hospital, where rehabiliation for her has taken place and is continuing.
– My boss and colleagues, who had give me unprecedented free hand in juggling with work and studies; without their cooperation and support, it will not be easy for me to race through the Masters course in one take.

Whether you read this or not, all of you deserve my gratitude.